Introducing the Ziiiro Aurora & Orbit Watches

Watch brand Ziiiro has come up with two new watches use an analog mechanism to display time in a visually-striking way. This time around, we have the Aurora and the Orbit. Of the two, the Aurora looks most interesting since it mixes two colors to show the time.

On the Aurora, the hour indicator uses a blue gradient, from 100% to 0% while the minute indicator uses a yellow gradient. The overlapping layers create a color mix that changes throughout the day. Ziiiro’s watch will allow you to intuitively learn a new way of telling time, just by looking at the resulting color mix.

The Orbit was inspired by space and the solar system, simply using a red planet to indicate hours, and a white one to indicate minutes.

You can buy these watches online over at  Ziiiro for €129 ($184 USD).

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